1% Power

Imagine 2 blocks of concrete side by side. One of them weighs 1 pound, and the other weighs 99 pounds.

Now, if you lifted the 1 pound block, and dropped it on the bigger block, it wouldn’t break, but maybe a chip or two would splinter off the bigger block.

But, if you took the bigger block, and dropped it on the 1 pound block, it would crush it into many pieces.

Now, take that 99 pound block and seperate it in as many pieces as possible, with no piece larger than an ounce. It would make each piece vulnerable to the 1 pound piece, and you would never be able to use a piece to ever damage the 1 pound block.

This is what is happening in the world, and magnified in America.

The people in power, are the 1 pound block. They consist of the richest people in the world. Republican, Democrat, or Independent. It doesn’t matter because they are in power.

But in order to keep the 99% weak, they divide us, by any means necessary.

They divide us by finances, political alignment, religion, sex, sexual preference, and the myth of race. And within each of those divisions, there are many sub-divisions.

With every division, they make us weaker. They splinter us into so many pieces, we can never put pressure on them. We sit there and argue amongst ourselves about how each others pieces are different. We allow them to make us weak, and we keep ourselves in a state that we could never be a threat.

Listen to the people in power, and be alert. If they are trying to get you to react with emotions, and hate people because they are different than you, it is because they want you to look away from what they are doing to keep power.

We all came from the same place. The only things that divides us are man made.

We have to stop appointing ourselves judge and jury in social media trials that require we throw out due process and evidence.

2 Steps to Unity, Community, and Family

1. Love one another.

2. Remember, disagreement does not equate to hate.

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