The more we continue to entertain any thought contrary to taking care of, and/or celebrating Veterans, we lose the value of every member of the military and their families. This has just got to stop.

How can we, as a nation, enjoy the freedoms we have, and yet, turn our backs on those who have fought to secure them? How can we allow people to live here, enjoying the freedoms we have, that do not respect our military or the “American Way”? And most importantly, how can we as citizens, elect officials who are not doing everything they can to agree on a permanent action to keep our Veterans safe, secure, and succeed outside of the military?

As I have learned, my family tree is rich with men and women who have served this country. In spite of all our “evils”, they stood in harm’s way to defend people they didn’t even know against tyranny. Immigrants, who either moved here to pursue a better way of life or who were forced here to pave a better future for others. They still volunteered to defend this country. They raised children who understood what it meant to be an American. And as each generation progressed, these values were passed down.

We are at an all-time low in this nation. People are mad because there was a parade honoring vets. People are fighting against providing healthcare for veterans. People are moving here and getting offended because our flag means freedom. People are getting mad because they have been afforded a way of life and opportunity, not available in other countries. Often times, in countries they have moved from. Sadly, the reality is, these people are given a voice in our Democratic Republic that is changing this nation, by force. Anyone who holds on to the “American Way” is being outcast and shunned publicly.

The fact is, America, is like no other nation. It is why people leave their home countries and move here. It is why we have the history we do. People fought and died over trying to change this nation. Yeah, our history isn’t perfect, but whose is? Somehow we get caught up on the mistakes of our nation, and we miss the opportunities we have right now, right in front of us. There should never be a time in this nation where we argue over the care of our vets. They gave their all so we could continue forging ahead.

We take better care of our politicians than we do Veterans. The people we elect to make decisions for the country have a better life than the people who choose to defend us. Our allegiance should be to the ones who sacrifice themselves for us, not to the ones who sacrifice us, for themselves.

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