The Future of Relationships

“What I value in you now, may not be the same later. That is the beauty of relationships. Who we are now, isnt who we are ten years from now. That change over time, is what builds unbreakable bonds.” -Anonymous Apostle

The ability to adapt to change is necessary to a healthy relationship. You are not the same person you were, nor is your significant other. This doesn’t change just because you started a relationship.

Understanding that the two of you will grow, is where every argument will end. As you become new people, your ideals will slowly come together. In a healthy relationship, this is why it works. So don’t beat yourself up because the same thing you have been doing for years, suddenly annoys your partner. It just means they have grown passed it, and you will too.

Give each other time and space to grow. Learn to forgive and laugh. And never be afraid to say “I’m sorry.”

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